In today’s manufacturing environment, you must find new ways to satisfy customer expectations while achieving profitable growth. Manufacturers require increasingly powerful means to achieve the breakthrough performance and improvement to remain competitive and profitable.

Our Approach :

SSI is unique in the performance improvement industry, providing enterprise wide training that focuses on overall corporate strategies. An initial assessment is used to map-out specific training and technology needs and to focus implementation on broader corporate objectives. Support continues beyond the training phase, ensuring alignment of all projects and sustainability of process improvements.

Benefits to Your Organization Working With SSI

SSI will reduce operational expenditures and enhance your bottom line. We standardize practices, maximize teamwork and minimize errors which in turn increase customer satisfaction. We work closely with your project team to identify the problems and then develop and implement continual improvement performance solutions.

Six Sigma

Six Sigma for manufacturing leads participants through advanced problem solving and process analysis techniques relevant to your "real world" business setting. Using specially designed tools based on specific methodology, Six Sigma has developed a proven program that prepares your managers to measure, analyze and improve your work processes.