Our MSP Experience

Our Managed Service Provider (MSP) Experience

SSI has built a metric-based approach that complements MSPs and results in better performance for clients. With experience partnering with every major global MSP firm in the staffing industry, SSI has developed a unique MSP Business Model. By delivering the highest level service and talent we proudly say that 75% of our revenue comes from MSP support and expertise.

We owe our proficiency to our Centralized Recruiting Team with successful experience with the Top global MSP firms. Here are a few of the ways our MSP business model knowledge benefits you:

  • We take pride in being a compliant & successfulsupplier in "Top 5 Standing“ in all our MSP programs.
  • Our technology enabled approach shrinks onboarding time, provides flawless contract execution and delivers high quality professionals at a competitive price.
  • Expertise with all the leading VMS tools.
  • Excellence with Rate Cards and Markup Models ensures the best rate for our customers.

Our competitiveness is defined by our Metrics aligned to the KPIs of our MSPs - We measure what you measure!


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