Select Source International helps businesses meet sustainability goals by conducting analyses on environmental footprint from operations, proactively managing carbon liability and identifying optimal paths. Our goal is to bring about organizational, planetary and personal sustainability through support of projects that are ecologically sound, economically viable, socially just and humane.

SSI enables organizations to assess, analyze and implement green initiatives from carbon management to environmental compliance.

Select Source International has assisted organizations in the following areas:

  • Facility - Assess waste management, recycling, water usage, lighting and energy
  • Operation – Identify the services and functions that make a business operate efficiently
  • Process - Identify redundancies and inefficiencies in order to optimize processes
  • Computing - Ensure that current system is being utilized to its full potential
  • Supply Chain - Analyze the businesses that provide your supplies and services to ensure they are sustainable
  • Culture - Through the education we provide we then believe employees can take this knowledge to their homes and communities and promote change throughout the world

Our Sustainability philosophy is based on The Natural Step Framework which is a creative approach for addressing environmental challenges based on consensus and systems thinking. Its purpose is to develop and share a common framework comprised of easily understood, scientifically based principles that can serve as a compass to guide society toward a just and sustainable future.